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Truly global

The smartwatch industry has many global hotspots: San Francisco, Shenzen, Geneva, Seoul, Toronto, Helsinki and various others. We take a global view on what’s happening.

Analytical and strategic

We are not interested in anecdotes and technical details, but in well researched, fact-based information that is of strategic relevance for decision makers in the evolving industry.

Straight to the point

Today’s decision makers are overwhelmed with information. That’s why information is short and crisp. The key takeaways of any insight are clear within 30 seconds.

Why Smartwatch Group?

Smartwatch Group was founded by industry insiders based on their own needs: getting high-quality, aggregated information about the smartwatch industry.

A lot has been written about smartwatches lately. But usually, it does not go beyond describing new product offerings. We wanted to know more: What are the drivers and future use cases of this industry? What strategies work in which countries? How many relevant companies are there in which countries? What are their product offerings, the user benefits, and sales figures? What are the key trends and innovations, and what do they mean for the smartwatch ecosystem?

This know-how is the basis for executive decisions in the smartwatch industry.

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More detailed information available in the latest Smartwatch Industry Report

Smartwatch Group just published an in-depth 179-page smartwatch report, including segmented market figures over the time period 2010-2020, the 300 most important companies, learnings from failed and successful smartwatch projects, and a wealth of other information. Learn more about here.

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